Better equipment. Better results.

Better equipment doesn’t mean the newest or most expensive. It means the best fit for your unique needs.


One thing is certain, Office Technology has made tremendous advances over the years to meet and exceed our ever growing dependence on it. Critical IT systems are often (intentionally) overlooked because of the hard costs associated with it. What most do not consider is the opportunity cost associated with lost productivity caused by outdated hardware.

Our in-house System Architects study your business processes and technical requirements in order to customize every single solution to your businesses specific needs. SumnerOne | UDP is dedicated to providing the ideal IT systems that maximize your workplace productivity while being cost-effective.

Laptops and Desktops

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for business grade IT systems. Each office has different needs, each user has a different role, and each organization has different goals. SumnerOne | UDP works with you to custom build quality, business grade machines so your employees can get more done – faster.


Most back office processes are run through servers, even if they’re in the “cloud”. Server technology has advanced a lot over the years, yet many businesses still operate off the same 5+ year old servers that were initially installed to perform a single task. Today we can save money and dramatically increase performance and productivity with less hardware. That’s a win-win in our book, what are you waiting for?

Networking and Security

With cyber crime being all the rage recently, a healthy, up-to-date and secure network is vital for all businesses – large or small. Modern security appliances are capable of stopping malicious attacks that older versions simply can’t. They also have to be sized appropriately to ensure you can work at maximum speeds and still be safe. Our Solutions Architects work to optimize your network for performance and security.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, the security threat landscape we live in has rendered traditional backup systems obsolete. We focus on secure Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that can get you back to work even in the event that your hardware and systems are physically destroyed. Less than 8% of businesses survive a data loss disaster – can you?

It’s time to get IT under control. We can help.

We’ll always choose the best solutions from a full range of leading brands, including:

Business-class hardware for PCs, servers, firewalls, switches and more

Software and licensing for all of your mission-critical business applications

So much more than data backup – this is Business Continuity

Optimize server utilization through virtualization