Let us help you find the right technology.

We have a process that works.

Your organization isn’t like any other. While it’s true that just about anyone can sell you equipment, SumnerOne | UDP can find the right equipment and services you need to get the most important jobs done.

This is how we work.


It all starts as we get to know your organization. We take an in-depth look at your processes and workflow. We talk to your employees to learn what’s working – and what isn’t. Then we take a look at costs, goals and plans. All with a goal to answer: How could technology better work for you?

Let’s find the right technology for your business. We’re ready when you are.

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We synthesize everything we’ve learned and measure against what we know is best. We take a look at inefficiencies and gaps. We find ways for you to save money and energy. But above all, we look for gaps between how your employees should work and how they’re working today.


Financing and Leasing

With other vendors, the financing and leasing part of the process can be slow and painful. We make it easy. Because we’re part of SumnerOne, we own our own leases. So paperwork is a breeze. And you will never have to work with a third party. It’s just us.


Here you can see the plan start to come together. We’ll craft your approach that includes our recommended printers, MFPs and other equipment – but also where they go in your offices. At this time we’ll also include software suggestions that will keep everything running together.



Here we go. We’ll bring a team of SumnerOne | UDP technicians – no contractors, no third parties – to get your equipment and software up and running. We’ll move fast, so you can, too.


Have a question? Call us – and we’ll find an answer within four hours. A problem? We’ll resolve it within eight hours. Again, all work is completed by SumnerOne | UDP employees who know your account and your equipment.